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Jessica and Lucy in the warm-up ring at Frying Pan Park, May 22, 2021

This obstacle course won first place

This is our first place ride in the Novice obstacle course for the working equitation class at Frying Pan Park, Virginia on 22 May 2021. Thank you Jeannie Whited for the trailer ride and awesome show company. And thank you Jessica Masterson for the video.

For some reason, I was much calmer than usual on this ride. Lucy had been wonderful about trailering and warming up even with strangers and kids and strollers moving close by in the warm-up ring. There were even cows in a nearby pasture which was alarming to the horse going in before us. Lucy was unnerved a bit by the other horse’s agitation. But that may have helped with her energy level for this ride.

When I finished, I couldn’t believe how well it had gone. I looked up at the judge with a big smile on my face and the whole entourage smiled back at me.

We won champion for our class for the day – first time ever to win champion at anything! We had a really good day.

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