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The First Working Equitation Show with Lucy

We took Lucy to her first live judged working equitation show on August 1, 2020.

It was foggy as we walked out to the field to bring Lucy in at about 6:30 am.

Mr. Darcy looks out at the mares in the mist.

She and Spidey loaded into the trailer without incident. Then as we followed the trailer along the first turn, we watched in awe as the two right rear wheels caught a big landscaping rock at the edge of the road.

Instead of clearing the rock, the first tire lifted the trailer up and brought it back down onto the rock, where it lodged in the gap between the back wheels.

tire wedged between rear wheels of horse trailer
tire wedged between rear wheels of horse trailer
Rock wedged between the two rear wheels of the horse trailer.

Jeannie pulled over as we noticed the smell of burning rubber.

Luckily Roberto was just arriving to work work and came over to help us. He brought a big floor jack, lifted the trailer a bit, and cracked the rock with a crowbar. Unbelievably, we were on our way with minimal loss of time and without damage to the tires.

We got to Oak Spring stables with about 30 minutes to go before Jessica’s ride time.

Just enough time to meet coach Melissa Smith and warm up.

Jessica and Melissa Smith head to the warmup area before Lucy's first ever live judged dressage class
Jessica takes Lucy to the warmup area before their first ever live judged dressage class. With coach Melissa Smith
Spidey and Jeannie warming up with Lucy and Jessica
Jessica and Lucy warm up with barn mates Jeannie and Spidey

Lucy spooked at a thump from a horse in a nearby trailer. But she and Jessica worked out their jitters and in she went to her first ever live judged intro dressage course.

Lucy and Jessica waiting to enter the dressage arena
Lucy looks into the indoor ring where she’ll do her dressage test.

This ride ended up winning second place! Way to start your dressage life, Jessica and Lucy!

During our lunch break, we were surprised to find we had parked near a goat field. The goats came up to check out Lucy and Spidey, which unnerved them and prompted much snorting. But they got over themselves and settled down to graze.

Lucy checking out the goats
Lucy checks out the goats nearby.

The obstacle course came next. I think Lucy’s idea was to keep grazing.

During the warmup walk, Lucy shied at the bull obstacle, but Jessica helped her get comfortable with it quickly.

Jessica and Lucy salute the judge of their first show.
Jessica salutes the judge at the start of the obstacle course.

This was Lucy’s first ever complete obstacle course. It was a learning experience. But she and Jessica did all 10 obstacles successfully!

Jessica and Lucy in their first working equitation obstacle course

Lesson learned about the gate: Keep hold of the rope.

Lesson learned about the bridge: Let her check it out before asking her to try something new.

Lesson learned about the jug: Get a solid halt first. Somehow teach her to stand still. And don’t drop the jug.

My turn came 3 riders later. This trip earned a 5th place ribbon. My first ribbon with Lucy.

Joanne and Lucy take on the obstacle course.

Though it was a hot day for working equitation, we caught a break with the weather. The sun stayed behind the clouds for most of the day. And the heat probably stayed below 90, unlike the previous days.

Lucy taking a break after 4 rides in her first show
Lucy and Jessica chill after competing.

Lucy put up with the heat in good form.

The next day, Sunday, we stopped by the barn to celebrate with a ribbon photo shoot.

Good girl, Lucy!

Is this what Lucy thinks of horse shows?