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Cicada on Spidey's covered fly-bonnet-covered ear. He seems a little irked at all the picture-taking.

Cicadas at Oak Spring Equestrian show June 12, 2021

This is the year for Brood X cicadas who emerge every 17 years. They made themselves known at the June 12 working equitation show at Oak Spring Equestrian in Woodbine, Maryland.

Jessica and Lucy had a great day – second place in dressage and obstacles, and Reserve Champion overall.

Jessica and Lucy have a lovely dressage test at Oak Spring Equestrian 12 June 2021

Lucy and I came in 4th on my rides. For some reason I was very tense and nervous. My arms were particularly stiff, and I kicked Lucy too hard after the halt at C in my dressage test. Poor Lucy.

The judge remarked that when I lighten my aids my scores will improve. I certainly want lighter aids. I am sure Lucy would appreciate it, too.

A lot to learn (ride softer!) from this dressage test, Joanne and Lucy at OSE

Meanwhile the cicadas provided many moments of laughter and amazement. The horses didn’t seem fazed by them at all. Even when they hitched a ride on the main or the ears.

Our friends Jeannie Whited and Spidey entered their classes sidesaddle. Riding an obstacle course sidesaddle was a first for them – and for a show too. And they placed well too, plus got the “best dressed” award.

Jeannie and Spidey complete the Novice obstacle course sidesaddle at Oak Spring Equestrian

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