Find greener ways to do more of what you love

We weren’t taught how to think of the environmental impact when we make things. But if you’re like me, you want to

  • Enjoy making things and using your creativity
  • Show special people, animal friends, and planet Earth how much you care about them
  • Take up crafting projects that are designed to help reduce waste

That’s what Stable, Table and Crafts is about.

Stable Table and Crafts offers recipes, stories, and free guides both beginner and experienced makers. Learn how to:

Want cooking and crafting projects that are designed to help reduce waste?

Then you’re in the right place. 

Stable Table and Crafts shares food recipes and step-by-step craft projects. Enjoy baking meals, treats, and making gifts for the human and animal friends in your life. 

Discover the joy of repurposing coffee bags, empty bags of potato chips (or potato crisps if you’re in the UK). Upcycle even feed bags from dog and horse food. Find a free basket weave pattern with complete instructions to get started. 

Find recipes for your own soups, cookies, and main dishes. Your fresh-made food is a great way to warm the hearts (and stomachs) of loved ones.

The dishes on this site are my favorite original recipes, tasted and loved by family and friends.

By cooking with ingredients that reduce our dependence on plastic packaging, we can take steps to waste less.

Let our handiwork nurture living things and and enhance the joy of being together. Joining is easy and free – subscribe for updates.

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