What is Stable Table and Crafts

Stable, Table and Crafts began as my own personal place to post ideas for creating kinder, gentler, more restorative ways to live on the planet.

Stable: A place to nurture wellbeing.

A stable is a place to take care of living things. Being stable means to enjoy a prevailing sense of wellbeing. Let’s do both.

Table: A place to sit together and be present to each other

To foster connection around the table, you’ll find recipes and a space to share the joy of preparing homemade food.

Crafts: Learn new skills to enjoy making things by hand

Crafts is a category to share other creative efforts, especially ways to reuse plastic and reduce the use of plastic. Card making, basket making, tote making and other crafts are some practical and worthwhile things to find here.

My hope is, at the very least, to encourage you to pursue and celebrate your own path to connection, creativity, and care of the earth.

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